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Decorating Equipment

Decorating Equipment

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  • From £ 198.00 Ex. VAT

    For painting shops, warehouses, small offices and homes, inside and out, this portable airless spray unit is quicker than using traditional paintbrush or roller and can be used with most emulsions and resin-based paints.   Spray gun with 15m hose Suction feed takes paint from bucket or paint container

  • From £ 40.80 Ex. VAT

    Rubi's TX machines feature a extra heavy duty design to combat most of today's porcelains. Will cut ceramic floor and wall tiles with ease Can be very effective for most heavy duty porcelain tiles Scoring wheel can last for approximately 1300 meters of cutting under normal conditions.

  • From £ 22.80 Ex. VAT

    Clever design of manual tile cutter from the world's leading tile cutter supplier - Rubi. Easy to use, quick and accurate. For extremely hard ceramic tiles and quarry tiles we would recommend the use of an electric diamond cutter.

  • From £ 13.20 Ex. VAT

    Compact and lightweight for easy handling. Durable air gun for professional continuous operation. Safe stand-free use for numerous tasks thanks to stable stationary positions and rubber insert Variable temperature control and regulation, for versatile use even in continuous operation, always suited to the material being worked on.

  • From £ 15.60 Ex. VAT

    Tyrolean gun for applying Tyrolean finish

  • From £ 22.80 Ex. VAT

    For fast and easy removal of wallpaper.It makes on of the most unpleasant decorating jobs bearable, once you have used a stripper you will not want to go back to the throwing water at the wall method. Easy to carry, and use.

  • From £ 7.00 Ex. VAT

    A high quality hand tool design to quickly and safely perforate all types of wall covering to speed the penetration of steam for fast, effective wallpaper stripping. Use on all types of wall covering including vinyl, foil, flock, woodchip and multi layered papers, including painted over wallpaper.

  • From £ 19.00 Ex. VAT

    To lay carpet leaving a neat, professional finish, you need to tension it on perimeter gripper bars - this stretcher will help you complete that task.

  • From £ 28.80 Ex. VAT

    Featuring an 800W motor the Clipper TT200EM is a powerfull and professional machine. Delivered in a strong plastic suitcase the machine is protected for easy transportation and storage. The tilting table is perfect for cutting mitres from 0° to 45°.

Showing 1 - 9 of 11 items

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