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Excavator - 1.5 Tonne Mini


The KX015-4 mini excavator delivers a powerful digging force and a wider working range that rival higher end excavators. And with enhanced accessibility to sites such as roadsides or residential areas, these versatile machines get the job done easier and efficiently.

The digger can be hired with a small dumper to make your job very easy.

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Product Overview

Enhanced digging force

The KX015-4 delivers an impressive bucket digging force. Its powerful and well-balanced arm and bucket allow the operator to dig faster and more efficiently even in the toughest conditions.

Kubota original engine

The KX015-4 is powered by Kubota’s impressive D782 13 PS engine. Engineered with the power to maximise digging and lifting performance, it also delivers minimised noise and vibration, meeting all current engine emission regulations.

Spacious cabin

To minimise fatigue, our new larger cabin delivers more comfort over our previous model. It provides more legroom with a flat floor plus an adjustable suspension seat.

New digital panel

Following the excellence of Kubota’s Intelligent Control System, the new digital panel puts convenience at the operator’s fingertips. The user-friendly digital panel is positioned to the front right corner of the operator for better visibility, and features one-touch button operation to view the time, hour meter and tachometer. Warning lamps with code numbers on the display will alert you in case of emergencies such as overheating, hydraulic problems or low battery. Programming of the anti-theft keys can also be easily performed with the digital panel. With easier access, simpler settings, easyto-read indicators and alerts, you’ll always be aware of the excavator’s functioning status.

Topside boom cylinder

For increased reliability when performing in hazardous conditions, including demolition jobs when a breaker is fitted, the boom cylinder has been positioned on the topside of the boom to prevent cylinder damage.

Technical Details

Length 3710mm
Height 2330mm
Width 990mm
Model KX015-4
Fuel Diesel
Operating weight 1495kg
Engine Kubota D782-BH Water-cooled, diesel engine E-TVCS
HP 13 HP
Fuel tank capacity 21 Ltr
Digging Depth 2250mm max
Dump height 2290mm max
Transport Weight 1420kg

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