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Stairwell Tower


The Alto MD Stairwell Tower is a single-man access tower designed specifically for the use on domestic and commercial staircases. With a free-standing platform working height of up to 6m - and more if the tower is tied in - the Alto Stairwell Tower is the industry's leading solution for safe access in these difficult locations.

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Product Overview

The Alto MD Stairwell Tower is designed and manufactured using the same aluminium extrusions as the MD Ladderspan Tower. This means you get the same strength, durability and performance that you can trust, embodied in a compact footprint.

Our innovative walk-through base frames uniquely allow continued access to the staircase whilst the tower is assembled. A clip-on ladder is used to gain access through the trapdoor when required.

Another huge benefit of the Alto MD Stairwell Tower is its use in confined spaces as a compact standard tower - whilst still facilitating access via the walk-through base frames.

Building the Alto MD Stairwell Tower on flat ground using all the same components, gives a 1.2m long x 0.6m working platform size which can be ideal for small areas such as lift-shafts, alleyways and corridors.


ALTO Stairwell Tower is designed to work on nearly all styles of staircase and has the same features as the full MD tower range.

Walkthrough Frames

The unique walkthrough frames found on the ALTO MD Stairwell Tower allow for clear access up and down the flight of stairs whilst the tower is till assembled. This ensures that emergency exit routes are still usable.

2mm Thick Tube

ALTO MD Tower is manufactured by 2mm thick, 48mm diameter tube. The unique fluted design of our MD tube not only distinguishes it from all other tower brands. It also adds to the physical strength of the material, making the tower even stronger.

Scaffold Compatible

The ALTO MD Tower tube has a 48mm external diameter, the same diameter as traditional steel scaffolding. This means adaptations and tying in is very easy because you can use standard tube & fittings which you cannot with a lightweight system.

Non-jamming Head Fittings

The ALTO conical head fittings prevent frames from jamming when dismantling towers so hammer damage is totally eliminated. An additional benefit of the head fittings is the frames automatically lock together during assembly, eliminating the requirement for flimsy, awkward spring clips that can be lost or damaged and render the tower unusable.

Assembly Guide

Technical Details

Platform Height 4-5m

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