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Prop Pal Needle Support


Designed and manufactured in the UK, the prop pal needle is a safe temporary wall support that is easier to use than the old method of needling.

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Product Overview

Features of the prop pal needle system

The prop pal needle is the only system that allows you to adjust the jacking support to securely hold the load-bearing wall whilst the acrow prop supports the external. Other features of the prop pal include:

  • 1050kg load capacity

  • Manufactured from S275 structural steel

  • Unique jacking support system for increased safety and stability

  • Needle length of 1200mm

  • Can slide through an aperture of 215 x 60mm (metric size brick)

  • Manufactured in the UK

Benefits of the prop pal needle 

  • Takes the stress from hiding steel beams

  • Steady fastening to internal floors

  • Props are locked securely and safely

  • Cavity walls are supported more securely and evenly leading to little or no deflection

  • Overcomes the uncertainty from propping. Weight is transferred along the prop pal needle through the standard builders props. This means there’s no lateral force on the builders props.

  • No lateral force on the props. Any lateral force can cause props to bend, so this issue is removed.

How to use the system

When you choose prop pal needle system hire with Plantool, we’ll make sure you understand how to use the tool before you leave our depot. Installing the needle is quick and easy. The 3 step process is….

  1. From the inside of the building, pass the needle through the hole in the wall to the outside. The swivel plate can then be positioned in the correct place and fixed to the ground. There are 4 holes to ensure maximum stability.

  1. Next, the prop is inserted and pinned at the precise area needed. 

  1. Finally, both the needle and prop can be wound tightly to support the brickwork. 

What makes the prop pal needle system safe is that the prop location into the needle is secured in position after it’s been wound up.

Why choose prop pal hire?

Temporary propping is used in most construction projects and the number of supports required depends on the building. This means you could only need two prop pal needles for one project and over ten beams for another. 

With no certainty on how many prop pals you’ll need, it can be hard to decide on how many to buy. If you do buy several prop pals, it’ll be guesswork - you’ll either buy too many that never get used or buy too few and end up hiring more supports anyway. It’s clear that buying the tools yourself isn’t cost-effective. You’ll have to rent a space to store your equipment and it can be a hassle moving the supports from location to location. 

With prop pal needle system hire you’ll have none of these worries. You can hire as many supports as you need for one week at a time, so you only pay when you’re using the equipment. After planning upcoming projects and calculating the number of beams you’ll need, get in touch and we can accommodate your needs.

Prop pal hire gives you flexibility as we can deliver extra supports to your site if you fall short. 

How can I hire a prop pal needle system?

Renting your prop pal needle system is easy. Click ‘book now’ and complete our enquiry form with the number of prop pal needles you require, and our team will get back to you within 2 working hours.

We offer several other supports from popular brands, you can browse our other products on our trestle boards and supports page.

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We can suggest the best support for your needs and provide more information about the prop pal needle. Just give our friendly team a call on 0800 334 536 or contact your local depot.

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