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Tile Saws

Tile Saws

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  • From £ 40.80 Ex. VAT

    Rubi's TX machines feature a extra heavy duty design to combat most of today's porcelains. Will cut ceramic floor and wall tiles with ease Can be very effective for most heavy duty porcelain tiles Scoring wheel can last for approximately 1300 meters of cutting under normal conditions.

  • From £ 22.80 Ex. VAT

    Clever design of manual tile cutter from the world's leading tile cutter supplier - Rubi. Easy to use, quick and accurate. For extremely hard ceramic tiles and quarry tiles we would recommend the use of an electric diamond cutter.

  • From £ 28.80 Ex. VAT

    Featuring an 800W motor the Clipper TT200EM is a powerfull and professional machine. Delivered in a strong plastic suitcase the machine is protected for easy transportation and storage. The tilting table is perfect for cutting mitres from 0° to 45°.

  • From £ 58.80 Ex. VAT

    A rail mounted sliding cutting head enables easy cutting of larger tiles. The tile remains in a fixed position allowing very accurate cuts to be made. The rail tilts to allow mitre cutting of any angle and the head moves to enable plunge cutting. This is a versatile machine giving high productivity and accuracy.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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