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This website uses cookies, as over 90% of all websites do, to help provide visitors to our site with the best user experience possible. Cookies help us to:

  • Improve the speed of our site
  • Improve the security of our site
  • Ensure the site works as well as possible and is continually improving
  • Remember your settings in-between visits, such as login details
  • Allow you to share our pages with sites like Facebook and Twitter
  • Make our marketing more efficient.

Our cookies are not used to:

Collect personal or sensitive information without your permission
Pass any personal or sensitive information to 3rd parties without your permission.

Allowing us to use cookies

If the settings on your Internet Browser are set to accept cookies then we take this as permission for us to use cookies during your visit to our site. If however you would like to not use cookies on this or any other visits you can learn how to do this below. Please beware that disabling cookies will mean that this site and any other you visit, may not work as you expect.

The cookies used on this website:

Website Interaction Cookies

These cookies allow you to leave comments on our blogs. There is no way to prevent these other than to not use the website at all.

3rd Party Cookies

The majority of websites use third party cookies. A good example is YouTube or Vimeo videos. Disabling these cookies will mean that the functionality may be affected, for example the YouTube video may not play anymore.

Social Network Cookies

Content on our site can be shared with sites like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. The privacy here is determined by the privacy settings you have chosen in your Social Network accounts.

Analytics Cookies

We use cookies to provide visitor statistics such as how many people have visited our site, whether they came to our site via a computer or mobile device and what pages they visited on their journey. This helps us to make our website better by making the user experience more intuitive and engaging. This site uses Google Analytics. If you wish you can opt-out with Google here, we would prefer you didn’t however because we want to make your visits to our site as enjoyable as possible and this software allows us to this.

Advertising Cookies

Advertising cookies are common in online advertising and you can opt-out of most of them. To find out more, or to opt-out, please visit this site YourOnlineChoices. It is important to mention that we cannot gain personal identifiable information from these cookies.

Also, opting-out of these cookies will not mean adverts will no longer appear on the sites you visit, it just means that they won’t be tailored to you anymore.

Remarketing Cookies

Sometimes after visiting a site you may see adverts for products for that site on other websites. This is because a remarketing cookie was placed on your browser during your visit. Adverts are placed by online advertisers to encourage you to come back to the original website. To find out more our opt out please visit this site YourOnlineChoices.

Turning Cookies Off

You should be able to switch cookies off by changing your Internet Browser settings, please see for more information about blocking cookies on your particular web browser. Please be aware that doing this will limit your Internet experience making it hard for websites to offer a personalised experience. It will also limit the functionality of our website and the other websites you visit.

If you have concerns about privacy and so called ‘spyware’, we would advise that instead of switching off cookies in your Internet Browser you can use anti-spyware software. This software will only delete the cookies which can be considered invasive.

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