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Hydraulic Breaker SB102


SB hydraulic breakers are slim, compact and simple to handle, making them extremely versatile. Combining superior efficiency and performance with high reliability and serviceability. Our SB102 breakers feature a dual bracket system for use with U17 and U27 machines.

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Product Overview

SolidBody concept

Integrates percussion mechanism and guide system into a single block of special cast iron, decreasing the total number of parts. It also eliminates components like damping and guiding elements and tie rods or stud bolts completely and results in an extremely slim and compact shape to simplify handling. A replaceable piston liner supports low repair cost.


The piston recoil energy is automatically utilised to increase the performance without additional hydraulic input and to lower vibrations.

Technical Details

Length 265 mm
Weight 90 kg
Power 9 kW
Diameter 45 mm
Impact Rate 750 blows/min - 2 300 blows/min
Pressure 100 bar - 150 bar
Guaranteed Sound Power (dB) 115 dB(A)

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