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1.1 Tonne Kubota Micro Digger


Ultra compact. Enhanced operator protection.

  • Kubota U10-3 ultra-compact excavator with enhanced operator protection

  • Zero tail swing for jobs where space is limited

  • For indoor and outdoor use

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Product Overview

Kubota E-TVCS engine

Highly trusted in the compact excavator market, the efficient combustion created by our engine’s unique Three Vortex Combustion System reduces exhaust emission, noise and vibration. Its layout also puts most components within easy reach for faster maintenance. Ultra-compact. Enhanced operator protection. The efficient and easy-to-use Kubota U10-3 with zero tail swing is the mini-excavator you can count on to get the job done.


For additional protection, a foldable rollover protective structure is standard-equipped on the U10-3. Folding the ROPS down lets you easily transport the mini excavator on lorries, and travel under doorways to work indoors.

Adjustable track gauge

With easy, single-lever operation, the U10-3’s hydraulically adjustable track gauge reduces in seconds—down to 750 mm—to enable navigation in narrow spaces. Conversely, you can widen the track gauge all the way out to 990 mm to produce a 7% increase in stability, even while operating with hydraulic breakers. 

With the simple removal of one pin, its quick-fold blade adjusts in size instantly. 

When adjusted down to 750 mm, the U10-3 can easily fit through most doorways, permitting access inside of buildings. 

Safer operation

To greatly reduce the risk of loose hoses from boom-mounted or hand-held attachments catching on nearby objects, the U10-3 has its hydraulic service port smartly located at the end of the boom.

Improved digging arm circuit

Increases the crowd speed, eliminates cavitation, and significantly improves control for fine grading.

Hydraulic control system

Fitted with hydraulic servo controls, the U10-3’s hydraulic control system means smoother operation, improved feel, and an increase in digging productivity of approximately 8%.

Protected hydraulic service port

With the U10-3, you’ll never add hydraulic service port pipes again—it comes equipped with them, all the way to the end of the boom. To reduce the risk of damaging the hydraulic piping, the U10-3’s pipes are hidden inside the boom.

Two-speed travel pedal

This new pedal lets you easily switch between high and low speeds, so you can work at your own pace. Simply depress the pedal for high-speed travel, or release it for low speed. This feature makes travelling between on-site locations more efficient.

Two-piece design dozer hoses

When an on-site replacement of a dozer cylinder supply hose is necessary, its two-piece design simplifies the job. 

Lifting points

To permit access to confined spaces, as well as easy transport, the U10-3 has a three-point lifting feature. 

Walk-through operator space

Open at both ends, the U10-3 allows for quick entry or exit from either side. 

Fully opening engine cover

Fast access to most of the engine’s components is made possible by the fully opening engine cover. 


Notice the clean, hose-free look of the U10-3’s boom? That is because all of its hydraulic hoses are uniquely hidden and protected inside the boom. In addition, the boom cylinder is well protected due to its location at the top of the boom. 

Zero tail swing

To operate at the highest level of safety, simply adjust track width to 990 mm. At this width, the rear counterweight will always be within the width of the track frame. This prevents any damage from occurring to the engine cover— allowing the operator to focus more on the job at hand.

Technical Details

Length 2980mm
Height 2230mm
Width 750-990mm
Size 750/990 × 200mm
Ground Clearance (Stowed) 140mm
Drive Speed (Stowed) 2.0km/h
Drive Speed (Raised) 4.0km/h
Model Kubota U10-3
Fuel Diesel
Engine D722-BH-6 Water-cooled, diesel engine E-TVCS (Economical, ecological type)
Shoe size 180mm
Fuel tank capacity 12.0L
Dump height 2230mm
Transport Weight 1120kg

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