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Heater - Propane Blower 15kw (51,000,btu)


With the power to heat large spaces quickly, these mobile direct fired, fan assisted propane heaters are ideal for industrial and on-site use.

  • 15kW (54,800Btu /hr) Ideal for site-offices and small workshops. 

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Product Overview

Model description

Manual ignition
Regulator includes safety valve which stops the gas flow in case 
of cracks of the gas tube
Regulator and gas hose included
Motor with thermal protection
Overheat thermostat
Adjustable heat
Strong and long lasting construction
Easy maintenance
Safety gas valve with thermocouple

How it works

Conbustion system - air flow


Ventilation of the room
  is neccessary to prevent
          a deficiency in oxygen supply.

Technical Details

Length 550mm
Height 300mm
Width 230mm
Weight 6kg
Output 54.800 Btu/h(15kw)
Model BLP 14 M
Voltage 240volts
Volume 300 m3/h
Fuel Consumption 1,16 kg/h

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