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Plantool’s Product Pick: Pump Dehumidifier

pump dehumidifier

While we’re not yet awash with torrential downpours, this on and off rain that we are currently experiencing across the country can become a headache for anyone building outside and an absolute nightmare for anyone unfortunate enough to have suffered with flooding.

To help deal with this problem, we have chosen our Pump Dehumidifiers as our latest product pick.

Flooding can occur for a number of reasons, it could be because of a heavy downpour and a nearby river bursting its banks, it could be the result of an appliance malfunctioning, or it could just be a result of someone leaving the taps on!

Whichever one of these it is, a Pump Dehumidifier will be of assistance, allowing you to remove the water and dry out the affected property before any damage can occur or mould can begin to grow.

Without proper dehumidification, there will always be this risk of damage to your property and risk of mould growth due to the high humidity levels. Pulling out up to 48 litres of moisture a day from the air, our Pump Dehumidifiers prevent these risks from happening, so are definitely something you need around.

Designed to remove excess moisture from the air and pull out water from structural materials, they are also great for anyone building in wet weather and anyone plastering a wall.

Equipped with wheels, they are very convenient and can be easily moved to wherever you need to use them.

Pump Dehumidifiers are also great for speeding up the drying out process when plastering at this time of year. If you are going to be plastering a wall, a dehumidifier will help to remove the high moisture content from the plaster, meaning you will be able to paint or paper it sooner.

For best results and to assist in providing dry heat and air circulation, we recommend hiring out our Pump Dehumidifiers with an electric heater and a fan, such as the following from our range:

Oil Filled Radiator

3kw Industrial Electric Blower Heater

Turbo Dryer Drying Fan

Compact Turbo Drying Fan

February 13, 2015

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