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Product of the Month: Propane Gas Blower Heaters

Gas blower heater

It’s the second week in December and you can really tell!

As we edge further and further into the month, it’s obvious that winter is here. The ground is icy, cars need defrosting and there is an uncomfortable chill in the air. It is for this reason that our product of the month for December is our Propane Gas Blower Heaters.

Equipped with the power to heat large spaces quickly, these heaters are perfect for use in on-site offices, in factory, warehouse and industrial environments, workshops and anywhere else where you are starting to feel the cold.

Designed to be portable, our heaters come fitted on a stand and feature a handle so that they can be easily moved to where you are feeling the cold.

Available to hire, find out more about our Propane Gas Blower Heaters.

December 10, 2014

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