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Plantool’s Team Building

22 Plantool staff, along with Ben’s mate Rob (to make up the numbers), attended a team building day on 19th September at Garlands Leisure, Mythe Farm in Sheepy Magna.

With 6 depots, some of the Plantool staff don't get to meet so the day was a way of getting everyone to get to know each other in a more social environment.



The team split into 2 groups for the morning for team building activities. Ben’s group did the nightline first which meant the team being blind folded and followed a rope through undergrowth, up and down banks and over tree stumps and roots. We had to get the team safely to the end and identify a series of items along the way including a brush, a spanner and . . .a pigeon?!


The Spiders web:

The second activity was the spiders web where we had to feed each team member through a section of the web without touching the ropes and not using the same section twice.


The Rope:

The third was to feed a length of rope through all sections from one side to the other again without touching the ropes.

Teams received points for each activity which gave them an allowance of equipment for the next activity which was. . . .


Bridge Building:

Bridge building, funnily enough, involved building a bridge. The team had to get across a small river without touching the water. The aim was to get the group over to the other bank then back onto the bridge all together. The bridge had to take the combined weight of the whole team. We then had to dismantle the bridge and get back to the starting bank.



Eating: some might say the most important activity of the day. The Plantool team had a break for lunch which involved a well earned BBQ in the sunshine.


The fun stuff:

In the afternoon everyone was split into three groups for three activities. The first got to get incredibly muddy whilst quad trekking. This involved blasting around the 150 acre farm in single file on 330cc 4wd quads which as you might imagine the team enjoyed immensely. The trek took the bikers over fields, through small tracks through woods, through muddy slopes and holes and river crossings.

The second activity was air rifle shooting (at various targets!).

Last was more mud and adrenaline fuelled fun off-roading on buggies which were raced around a track against the clock.


The winners:

At the end there was a grand ceremony with the presentation of medals for some of the activities.

Shooting – 1st: Ben’s mate Rob, 2nd: Grandad Tom (Lutterworth depot), 3rd: Jason (Stratford depot)

Off-Road Buggy racing – 1st: Jason (Stratford depot), 2nd Bob (Nuneaton depot), 3rd Ben (the main man)

Although some were left feeling bitter about their defeat (not naming any names), at the end of the day, everyone had a great time and the day did it’s job in bringing the Plantool team together. Bring on the next one!

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