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Spring-time DIY: Getting the best results with diggers and dumpers

In preparation for the summer months, when you’ll want to spend a great deal of your time outdoors, it might be time to take a long stare at your garden and consider whether you’re willing to invest some TLC into your space with some DIY landscaping.

A small spot of gardening might require a few handy tools, but for anything bigger, you will need diggers and dumpers – allowing you to renovate your outdoor space and remove the debris with ease.

Here at Plantool, we’ve invested over £200,000 into our range to ensure we’re able to cover every requirement you might have for your planned construction projects.

You’ll want to take the time to consider and decide on the sort of machine you’ll need: are there any restraints or restrictions in the space you’re renovating regarding height and width? Is the ground you’re operating on flat and level? If you’re new to these machines, we would recommend testing out the machine on level, steady ground to ensure you’re used to the handling. 

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For those concerned or wondering: there is no legal requirement for a license to operate diggers or dumpers for personal use. Experience is often not necessary to drive – however, Plantool will run through all the controls and safe practices on delivery to ensure maximum results and a safe project.

You’ll also want to make sure that the area you’re landscaping is safe to work on; ensuring there are no underground obstructions such as water pipes, gas and electricity circuits is imperative. Excavating with even the smallest of diggers means you’re at risk of damaging your surroundings, so careful planning is necessary to ensure there is no collateral damage. For these checks, you’ll need suitable equipment: our CAT detector will do the trick.

A proper risk assessment is always necessary before taking on a digging project to help avoid injury and unnecessary damage to both the equipment and surroundings. Also, assessing the space is paramount as you’ll need to be able to get the digger in and out of the area; consider the entrance, however, it’s good to know that most diggers will permit smaller areas as tracks can be manoeuvrable. For example, our micro digger’s tracks move inwards to fit into tight alleyways and standard gates/doors – also, our tracked dumper is specifically designed for passageways between houses.

It’s vital to consider that despite the fact no license is required, you are liable and responsible for any damage to both machinery and surrounding environments so it would be a good idea to take out insurance or amend your current policy to cover diggers/dumpers to cover the period of hire.

Tracked dumpers can be used alongside diggers to clear waste and debris created by the digger. Easy-to-manage for a single operator, the waste can be dumped directly into a container or truck. This is the superlative answer for moving and handling heavy materials and waste.

Plantool offer not only diggers and dumpers – but a wide range of tools for hire to ensure your outdoor spaces remain in the best condition. For more guides, such as our how-to on trenching, visit our news section and blog.

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